Title insurance compliance d1888307b5ce7ac2d3fc06c006ae426273450f1c9eb6d735060e60f55d1d399dAs the CFPB pushes for a more consumer-friendly marketplace, the real estate and title industries are implementing more security measures, more thorough disclosures and simplified language. All across the country, some agencies are finding it difficult to adapt.

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Our sophisticated Risk Management system protects lenders, banks, secondary market investors, mortgage insurers and consumers from a variety of threats, because law firms and title companies have been a critical part of our strategy.

Our Risk Management system includes:

  • Industry-leading extensive insurance policy coverage minimums
  • Detailed office record keeping policies
  • Sophisticated file management systems
  • Integrated diversity selection procedures for vendors
  • Enhanced physical office security measures
  • Extreme data security protections for financial institutions and consumers involving NPI (non-public information)